About I Make Templates

Why I started this website

First of all, thank you!

Hey, thanks for checking out my website!

 I only started using Google Sites to build a site for a friend, and frankly, the lack of templates was a bit disappointing (I’m used to working with WordPress). So, I made some of my own. Not gonna lie, quite enjoyed it, so I figured I’d give them away for free to help others learn Google Sites too. That's where all this started.

Google Sites is simple... I like that

We live in a complicated world. Sure, Google Sites is limited and not as feature rich (or popular) as WordPress but boy, you can get some good results out of it - it’s free too! The simplicity is part of the appeal. You don't really need any tech experience you can just drag and drop and get a pretty good result in not much time. I love that. It doesn't need to be complex.

Help yourself

Feel free to request any or as many templates as you want using the request form. Check out the terms of use too (please), by copying a template you're agreeing to those terms. Basically - you can download templates to use however you want in your own project(s), but please don’t resell or claim the work as your own.

Need a helping hand?

If you need help building a website check out my design services or drop me a line - I can help. I can even build you a bespoke template if that’s what you need. Ping me an email and tell me what you’re after. Alternatively if you need something a little more feature rich and polished, check out my premium templates.

I put a fair bit of effort into creating these and hopefully they’ll help accelerate your project or at least simplify it.

Here's how you can help me out

There’s a number of ways you can help me out if you'd like to:

1. Tell me how you found my website (e.g., Google, Twitter, somewhere else?)

2. Link back to my website https://imaketemplates.com

3. Follow me, or drop me a message on Twitter or Instagram to let me know how you used the template

4. If you're feeling flush you could even buy me a coffee at https://ko-fi.com/K3K8ERHY6

5. Is there a template you need that you don't see? It might be in my backlog - let me know!

Good luck!