RockfordPlus - Blog template for Google Sites

Beautiful minimalistic blog template for Google Sites, now with enhanced layouts and styles

RockfordPlus - A Freemium Blog or Personal template for Google Sites

RockfordPlus is a minimalist and elegant Google Sites template theme with a focus on typography and white-space. Based on the Rockford theme, RockfordPlus comes with an additional blog page layout and four different styles.

How to get RockfordPlus

RockfordPlus is a freemium theme so you can pay what you want to get a copy of it.

It's available in my Google Sites template shop and regardless of what you pay, please leave feedback! If I've helped you make a start on your own project, or learn something about Google Sites, please tell me! Feedback helps me to improve my products and services.

Four styles to choose from

RockfordPlus comes with four different themes (styles) to choose from.

To activate a different style simple click the Themes option on the top right of your Google Sites editor, and choose the theme you want. The whole site will adopt the new theme at the click of your mouse button. No content will change, just the fonts, colours and highlights.

You can download RockfordPlus from my Google Sites template shop. It's freemium, so you can pay whatever you want to download it.

Default style

Dark style

Serif style

Mocha style