I do get asked a few interesting questions...

Thanks for dropping by!

Hi, thanks for visiting my website. Hopefully you'll have found some useful inspiration or a template to meet your need. I do get asked a few questions by folks downloading my templates, so I've added a few of the more common ones here.

Why did you start this website?

 I only started using Google Sites to build a site for a friend, and frankly, the lack of templates was a bit disappointing (I’m used to working with WordPress). Some of the 'premium' templates I found online were, well, less than inspiring. So, I made some of my own. Not gonna lie, quite enjoyed it, so I figured I’d give them away for free to help others learn Google Sites too. That's where all this started.

How many templates have been downloaded?

I only started counting since I automated the download routine, but since then over 6000 template downloads have occurred. That's since April 2023.

What's the difference between a template and a theme?

The difference between a Google Sites template and a Google Sites theme lies in their scope and purpose:

Google Sites Template: A Google Sites template is a pre-designed structure or layout that includes multiple pages with placeholders for content, images, and other elements. Templates provide a ready-made framework for building a website and typically offer a range of page layouts and designs. They can be customised to suit specific needs and preferences, allowing users to add their own content, change colors, fonts, and styles, and rearrange the page elements as desired. Templates are more comprehensive and often come with a larger number of pre-made pages, making them suitable for building complete websites with multiple sections and functionalities.

Google Sites Theme: A Google Sites theme, on the other hand, focuses on the visual appearance and styling aspects of a website. A theme primarily determines the overall look and feel of a Google Sites website, including color schemes, fonts, backgrounds, and other stylistic elements. It provides a consistent visual identity throughout the website and allows users to create a cohesive design. Themes are generally applied to an entire site, affecting its global appearance, rather than individual pages. While a theme may provide some default page layouts or styles, it is typically not as comprehensive or detailed as a template in terms of page structure and content organisation.

Effectively, a Google Sites template offers a complete framework and structure for building websites, including multiple pre-designed pages, whereas a Google Sites theme focuses on the visual styling and consistency of the website's appearance. Templates provide a more extensive and customizable solution, while themes primarily address the visual aspects of the site.

Which ones are the most popular?

Free templates get downloaded far more than premium ones, obvs. In order of downloads the top three free template downloads are:

What's with the names?

They're all fictional cops. I don't know why I went with that. I started with Bosch and it just went from there.

Have you been doing this for long?

I've been a freelance web developer since the late 90's. Oh yes, I remember AOL and Netscape Navigator alright! As far as Google Sites is concerned I started developing themes and templates in late 2021. I use the software in my day job and I soon convinced myself I could do lots more with it than what we were using it for at work. Hence ... this!

Do you make custom templates?

Yes I do. My side hustle is WordPress development and I've been creating websites for years. If you have a design in mind, want some tweaks to one of my templates or fancy something completely new then get in touch. My rates are reasonable and I'm happy to work with you to get the result you want. Read more about my Design Services.