Benefits of Google Sites

It's limited in someways, but chuffin' excellent in others. Here's the main benefits of Google Sites

Benefits of Google Sites

If I had a penny for every disparaging glance I've had from a WordPress/ Craft/ CMS developer when talking about Google Sites, I'd have about 47 pence by now. Yes, we know it has limitations, but that's part of the appeal - there's less to break. 

Anyways - here's some of the reasons I find Google Sites an ideal platform for small business websites.

It's free. As in beer

Every feature and function is available for free on personal accounts (except for 24/7 customer support). Your Google Site will also include unlimited storage and the ability to add up to five custom URLs to your site. There's no hosting charges, no management fees, or extras to pay for. 

It's simple to learn and use

Google Sites uses a visual page creator very similar to Word and PowerPoint. If you can edit a Word document then you can edit a Google Site, it really is that intuitive. Inserting images, headers, menu tabs and text is quite straightforward.

It's fast and convenient

All Google Sites run on Google's global infrastructure. This means it's fast, resilient and performs well using industry standard tools like and GTMetrix.

No software installation is required

All you need to access the Google Sites page editor is a browser and an internet connection. There's no software to install and configure on your laptop or PC, no hosting to arrange, and no hardware (like firewalls) to configure. It's all done for you.

It's secure

As a Google product Google Sites is built on a highly secure infrastructure with role based access only for authorised users. If you want to you can add 2-step verification to make your website even more secure you can.

It's easy to share with others

Want someone else to be able to update your website? You can add users to the website to allow them to edit, change or create new content - simply add the user by clicking the icon in the toolbar and it's done. The new user is notified and they can edit away to their hearts content. You can even review their changes before the website is published.

 It's integrated with other Google apps

You'll see in the Google Sites toolbar you can easily add Google forms, Slides, Docs, YouTube videos and lots more with a single click.

One click publishing

Need to make a change, add an image or update an email address? That's a cinch. Just open the site in your Google Drive, change what you want and click the Publish button. Boom, your website just got updated. It takes about 5 seconds to update.