Peralta - Premium Agency template for Google Sites

Minimal Google Sites template for your agency, dev studio or portfolio

Peralta - A premium Agency template for Google Sites

Peralta is a minimally designed template for your digital agency, web design studio or online space.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

If you're a digital agency or freelancer you need to show, not tell. Peralta is the perfect Google Sites template to share your digital work. It's simple, clean lines give an air of sophistication and let your content breathe.

Ideal for freelancers, creative agency, digital agency, digital marketing, marketing, one page, portfolio and many more.

Everything you need to get started

Comes complete with:

Free updates

Each time I update the template you'll get the same update free, for 12 months. So if there's a new page added, a new layout or additional sections, you'll get them for free too!

Buy this template

Peralta costs GBP £29 and is available for purchase in my Google Sites template store.

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