Google Sites Free Templates

I make templates for Google Sites. High quality and versatile, they're perfect for Business, Creative, Retail, Food & Drink, Trades, Teachers, Students and more.

Free templates for Google Sites

I make high quality, flexible templates for Google Sites. Perfect for Business, Creative, Retail, Food & Drink, Trades, Teachers, Students and more. Instead of starting your Google Sites project from scratch, why not use one of my free templates to accelerate your design and development process? Simple to use, easy to manage, less work for you.

Launch your project faster

Hola! I'm a web developer with over 20 years experience in web development. I recently built a bunch of websites using Google Sites and was surprised at the lack of themes and templates available, so I made my own. Not gonna lie, I quite enjoyed it. So, I've made a few simple templates (inspired by open source designs) and decided to give them away for others to use. 

Please read the terms of use, then simply pick the one you like and click the request a copy link in the templates.

I make custom templates too if you need something bespoke. Contact me to find out more.

Perfect for any project

My templates are built with flexibility in mind. There are live demo versions so you can see exactly what they look and feel like, and there's no reason why you can't tweak, change, enhance them to suit your own need.

How to install and use

Google Sites is a great little platform for building small websites and intranets. It's a free, simple way to create a website and with some inspiration and effort you can create pretty impressive results. Unfortunately there's no template import/export feature, which means the only way to use a non-standard template is to build it yourself from scratch or copy someone else's site. Read how you can copy my templates.

Free Templates gallery

There's a few examples of my latest templates below but check the free templates gallery for more. Follow me on Twitter for updates on new releases.

Bosch, a free portfolio template for Google Sites

Bosch - Portfolio template

Bosch is a portfolio theme for designers, photographers, and artists. Perfect for showing off your image-oriented projects to the world. 

Rockford - blog template

Rockford is a minimalist and elegant Google Sites theme with a focus on typography and white-space. 

Dempsey - Resume template

Dempsey is a profile and resume template. Ideal for professionals wishing to create a digital calling card.

How to request a template

Step 1. Request a copy

Check the template gallery. View a live demo and click the get this template link at the top of the page. You'll need to tell which Gmail address you'll use for the site.

Step 2. I make a copy

When I get your email I'll create a copy of the Google site template you've chosen. I then share with the Gmail address you provided. (This can take up to 24 hours).

Step 3. Make it your own

Once you can access the site you can do with it what you will. I'll remove my access to the site and then it's 100% under your control, safe and secure in your Google Drive.

Want to support my work?

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You can follow me on Twitter or if nothing else, please let me know how you found my website, it's good to know if my SEO is working!